Rocket League Brings Stranger Things’ Upside Down to Its Haunted Hallows Event

Earlier this week, developer Psyonix teased its plans for this Halloween’s Haunted Hallows Event in Rocket League. Now details of the event have received a full unveiling, indicating that Stranger Things‘ trend of crossing over into games is not yet over. The Stranger Things-themed Haunted Hallows Event will begin on Monday, October 14th. It’s set to conclude weeks later on Monday, November 11th.

During the event, Rocket League’s Farmstead Arena will undergo a frightful transformation, taking on a design inspired by The Upside Down. The Netflix show’s Season 3 monster, the Mind Flayer, will also loom over the arena, giving the Haunted Hallows an all-new meaning.

Players who participate will earn Candy Corn, a useful currency for the Haunted Hallows Event Store. While the store will be replete with items inspired by the fall season, players should also expect to see “top secret wares” on display from the Hawkins National Laboratory. The Stranger Things goodies notably include a bevy of Battle-Car customization pieces, such as Starcourt Wheels, a Stranger Things Boost, a Hawaiian Hopper Decal, and more.

For a sneak peek at what kind of trouble you’ll get into in The Upside Down, check out Rocket League’s Haunted Hallows Event trailer below:

Rocket League serves as but one of the games Stranger Things features in with crossover content this year. Last month, the Demogorgon found its way into Dead by Daylight, stalking the likes of Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler. Of course, the show received its very own video game release this summer. Around the time of Season 3’s release, BonusXP launched its beat ’em up, Stranger Things 3: The Game.

[Source: Psyonix]