Here’s a Better Look at the Recently Leaked PlayStation 5 Dev Kit

It’s no secret that PlayStation 5 developer kits have started making their way to game studios but it wasn’t until earlier this week that we got our first look at what the unit looks like.

For those who missed it, a hardware patent filed by Sony recently surfaced, the illustrations within which looked an awful lot like dev kits. However, the confirmation that the patent is indeed for a dev kit came from a now-deleted tweet by a Senior Artist, Matthew Stott, at racing game studio Codemasters.

“It’s a dev kit,” he wrote. “We have some in the office. Sony patent shows PlayStation 5 dev kit or maybe even the console itself.”

The latter part of the tweet needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Dev kits don’t represent final product design. However, the console may bear some resemblance to what we can see above.

With that said, Dutch website Let’s Go Digital decided to put together some 3D renders that give us a better look at the dev kit. It’s unlikely that we’ll see the actual unit anytime soon so these images should hold us over until then:

What do our readers think of the design? Share your thoughts with us below.

[Source: Let’s Go Digital via ComicBook]