Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Alpha Ends Soon, Here Are Some of the Issues Being Looked Into

Today’s the last day of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s 2v2 Gunfight open alpha on the PlayStation 4. For those who haven’t jumped in yet, you can partake in the alpha for free and don’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Infinity Ward recently took to Reddit to offer a recap of day three of the test. If you haven’t been keeping up, here are the fixes and content currently live, and issues that the developer is looking into:

Fixes and Content That Are Currently Live:

  • Stack: A new 2v2 map is now in rotation! Sunday is the last day of the Alpha, so be sure to hop online and check out all 5 maps!

  • Gunfight OSP: Instead of spawning in with a loadout, Gunfight: OSP is a variant where you’ll need to pick up weapons, lethals, and tacticals in the map

Issues We’re Looking Into:

We know this isn’t all of the feedback you’ve shared over the past three days, but here are some updates on a few issues we’ve frequently been seeing:

  • Head glitches

  • Explosives that cause damage through multiple surfaces

  • Inconsistencies with penetrable surfaces (metal containers, wood surfaces, etc.)

  • Freezing that results in a black screen when loading into a match

  • Picking up equipment in Gunfight: OSP won’t auto-pickup if you press square within a certain distance

  • While playing, if you experience an error and see an error code on screen, please take a quick picture and send it to us on here or via Twitter. It’s super helpful in determining what’s causing the problem.

In case you missed it, here’s some of the previous feedback that Infinity Ward is looking into:

  • Settings not saving in the options menu: This can be resolved by making sure you aren’t logged in with multiple PSN accounts or profiles.

  • Audio Mix: While in the Audio tab of the Settings menu, you can set your mix preset and adjust some basic volume tuners. We recommend using Headphone 1, TV1, or Infinity Ward Mix for the best experience.

  • Player and Enemy Footsteps: Audio for first-person footsteps has been lowered and falloff audio for enemy footsteps has been raised. You’ll hear these changes in the upcoming Beta.

  • Look Sensitivity: The default setting is currently set at Medium 3. Make sure you jump into your settings and adjust your sensitivity to fit your playstyle before heading into a match.

  • Enemy Nameplate Visibility: We’ve seen a lot of comments about how the enemy nameplate is sometimes visible behind cover and can make shooting at long distances a bit distracting. This is something we’re keeping an eye on and will continue to monitor as we move towards Beta.

  • Black and White Screen At Low Health: In Gunfight, you only have one life and no health regeneration. If you’ve been hit and are at less than 25 health, your screen will flash black and white to visually show you that your life could end fairly quickly with another blow.

  • “Proper English Welcome!” : This dialogue is currently playing too frequently at the beginning of each match. We’ll be tuning this to happen less often during the Beta.

  • Keyboard and Mouse Settings: These settings are not fully fleshed out in the Alpha. You’ll have more options, including key binding, when we hit the Beta in September.

  • Matchmaking and Faction Names Are Barely Visible: While in matchmaking, the text for “Searching for a Match” along with both Faction names are barely visible in the lobby. These will be easier to read in the Beta.

  • Scopes on Shotguns: They can be pretty powerful, especially from across the map. The one you’re playing with in Gunfight, the 725, is a longer barrel shotgun with a tighter shot pattern. We’ll update the text in the loadout menu to reflect that it has a much longer range than a regular shotgun.

Still not convinced that you should try out the alpha? PlayStation LifeStyle’s Chandler explains why it’s addictive, which might just change your mind!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will release on October 25, 2019.

[Source: Reddit]

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