Iron Studios’ Assassin’s Creed II Statue Will Make You Fall for Ezio All Over Again

There are already numerous Assassin’s Creed II figures of Ezio Auditore out in the wild. Soon fans will have yet another noteworthy collectible to add to their shelves. Brazil-based collectible manufacturer Iron Studios unveiled its new Ezio figurine, depicting the Assassin as he appears in the seminal Assassin’s Creed II. The 1/10 scale figurine will release in the second quarter of 2020, with a price tag of $119.99 attached for a standard edition. A “Deluxe” version is also scheduled to launch at the same time for $159.99. The more expensive statue will launch with a full diorama display case packaged inside. Preorders are expected to go live in the near future.

Iron Studios’ Ezio statue stands just over eight inches tall. The “Deluxe” edition’s diorama means the figure stands a little over 12 inches once Ezio is situated upon it. This hand-painted figure depicts the character in his famous pose, arms outstretched, both hidden-blades visible as though he’s going in for the kill.

For a closer look at Iron Studio’s Ezio figurine, check out the image gallery below, featuring pictures of both the statue and the diorama that will ship with the more expensive version.

This statue’s unveiling comes only days after DAMTOYS showed off its Assassin’s Creed Rogue figurine, which captures the protagonist, Shay Patrick Cormac, in stunning detail. At present, that figure’s release date and pricing information remain under wraps.

Since the days of AC2, and even the Shay-starring AC Rogue, the franchise has undergone quite a few changes. The games themselves, though they were always open world to a degree, have drastically expanded in scope. Even the basic gameplay mechanics have evolved over time. Ezio’s trilogy didn’t feature a dedicated crouch button, nor were there any of the RPG elements that helped make 2018’s AC Odyssey such a success.

[Source: Iron Studios via The Toyark]