DICE GM Apologizes to Battlefield V Players for a Frustrating Experience, Promises to Get the Game ‘Back on Track’

A week after DICE announced the cancellation of Battlefield V‘s 5 vs. 5 competitive mode, studio general manager Oskar Gabrielson has taken to Twitter to apologize for the disappointment and frustration. In his mea culpa, Gabrielson cited DICE’s efforts to turn Star Wars Battlefront II around as a “testament” to the developer’s commitment to its games.

Gabrielson wrote:

BF community – I know you are frustrated and disappointed with the experience across Chapter 4 for Battlefield V. I’m really sorry. We’re taking a step back to improve the quality of BFV, and as a result, making needed changes to our roadmap. Ryan covered some of this last week. We’re shifting out some content from Chapter 4, and we’re stepping back from our 5v5 mode, to focus the team on our core Battlefield experience. This was not an easy decision, but the right one to get the game to quality.

I hope the work we’ve put into Battlefront II is a testament to our long-term commitment to our games and our communities. We’ll get Battlefield V back on track and make it the awesome game you all deserve. We’ll provide updates along the way. Thank you for hanging in there.

This is the second apology DICE has issued within a week, and one of several the studio has had to issue since Battlefield V‘s launch. Just a week ago, the development team told fans that some of the “missing content” in Chapter 4 wasn’t meant to release until later, and was advertised by the marketing team by mistake.

Here’s hoping DICE can turn things around again.

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[Source: Oskar Gabrielson (Twitter) via MP1st]