Product Listing for Splinter Cell Goggles Replica Hints at Franchise’s 10th Entry

Splinter Cell fans are probably becoming desensitized to rumors and leaks about the franchise’s supposed return. Is yet another bit of such speculation truly worth building excitement over? Probably not. However, for the second time a pair of cool-looking replica goggles are involved with a leak. In the product description for Sam Fisher’s replica goggles on GameStop, a quick line seems to suggest a new Splinter Cell is “on the horizon.”

See both the replica goggle’s and their product description in the two screenshots below:

splinter cell goggles replicasplinter cell goggles replica

According to the GameStop description, the $40 Splinter Cell-inspired item is expected to release later this year on November 1st. Apparently, this is perfect timing, as the series’ “10th release is on the horizon.” Might this be a mistake on GameStop’s part that will soon be corrected? At present, all anyone can do is guess. Should this represent a mere mistake, however, it serves as just another inconsequential notch in a long line of supposedly debunked Splinter Cell rumors.

This year alone has been particularly interesting for speculation of Sam Fisher’s return, and it isn’t the first time GameStop’s rested at the center of it. Almost exactly three months ago, a product listing went live on the retailer’s website for this very pair of replica goggles. The listing was swiftly removed, but the internet had already caught wind and assumed it was an E3 2019 tease. Obviously, such anticipation was all for nothing.

Soon after, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier revealed he knew nothing of Ubisoft’s actively working on a new Splinter Cell and didn’t believe one was in development. If the series does return in the new future, it may be for VR, according to rumors connecting both Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed to potential Oculus releases.

One thing seems certain–Ubisoft knows fans are eager for more of the stealth series. For now, however, the publisher is only willing to confirm that its working on the brand bit by bit in an effort to eventually bring it back full on. This appears most notably evident in Fisher’s appearance in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, a mobile turn-based tactics game.

[Source: GameStop via GamingBolt]