With a Month to Spare Before Launch, Concrete Genie Has Gone Gold

After some setbacks and delays, Concrete Genie is ready for its impending October release date. According to developer Pixelopus, the title has officially gone gold, meaning production on the artsy experience has officially wrapped. The team unveiled the news to fans on Twitter in a brief, celebratory post, complete with a cute stuffed creature.

Concrete Genie is looking like it could be an experience unlike any other. In the game, players assume the role of a kid named Ash. His story is one of an artistic boy who often gets bullied by his peers and older kids. Unfortunately, Ash’s troubles, and those of the people around him, show no sign of improving.

After an environmental disaster wreaks havoc in the small town of Denska, many of its residents seek refuge elsewhere. It’s up to Ash and his artistic abilities to set things right and hopefully restore the town to its former state. Mysterious magical paint is how Ash may be able to accomplish this. The paint also serves as the crux of Concrete Genie’s experience, allowing players to get as creative as possible.

Once the game launches early next month, it will come packed with a Photo Mode and PlayStation VR support. Photo Mode has been all the rage in many games this generation, and even Control will get one in the near future. Yet, Pixelopus is doing something different by adding in a “timelapse style ‘Replay’” feature that has yet to be fully shown off. As for the PSVR support, Concrete Genie will launch with two different modes for the device, both of which seem like they could add greatly to the experience.

Concrete Genie will launch for the PlayStation 4 in about a month on October 8th.

[Source: Pixelopus on Twitter via GamingBolt]