Remedy Entertainment is Bringing Photo Mode to Control

All year, Remedy’s stance on adding a photo mode in Control has remained rather nebulous. As far back as March, the studio made it clear the new title wouldn’t launch with a photo mode. However, at the time, it was unclear whether or not the feature would later have a post-launch release. Soon thereafter, Communications Director Thomas Puha revealed the team would at least consider bringing the mode to Control after launch. Puha reiterated as much just recently in a separate interview. Now the studio is confirming photo mode will indeed become a part of the experience.

This news comes courtesy of a post on the game’s official Twitter page. A fan tweeted to the studio, asking whether or not photo mode would eventually enter the mix. It didn’t take long for the question to receive an answer. In replying to the fan inquiry, the Control account tweeted the feature is “coming.”

See the post in the tweet linked below:

Unfortunately, as you can see in the tweet, Remedy isn’t yet ready to disclose when the mode will launch. Based on the response above, it also remains to be seen whether the team is currently working on a photo mode. Perhaps more details on this front will surface in the weeks ahead.

Remedy Entertainment’s latest project launched earlier this week to generally positive reviews. Our review of Control awarded it a 7/10, citing performance issues, which will soon be fixed, as one sidestep that held back the experience. The overarching story, combat, and incredible visuals seemed to have made the rough journey worthwhile, however.

Control is out now on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. Post-launch DLC is on the cards, though a release date and specific content details remain under lock and key.