Remedy’s Control Will Have DLC, But No New Game Plus or Microtransactions

Remedy Entertainment has been silent about Control for some time. Thankfully, that’s coming to an end, courtesy of Game Informer’s month of coverage for the title. In a rapid-fire questions video, the publication hurled a slew of questions at Control’s Creative Director Mikael Kasurinnen. The more interesting tidbits to come from the interview concern New Game Plus, gameplay details, and whether Remedy has plans for DLC and microtransactions.

Early in the interview, Kasurinnen confirmed New Game Plus is not on the cards. In fact, as he revealed later in the video, Control won’t feature difficulty settings. Another popular feature that will be absent from Remedy’s latest is photo mode. However, Kasurinnen did say that this particular mode won’t be available at launch. If this means there’s potential for the addition of photo mode after release, the studio’s yet to explain.

Other things players shouldn’t expect to see in Control consist of multiplayer, a dedicated crouch button, ammo scarcity, and microtransactions. Additionally, according to Kasurinnen, not every mystery presented in Control will be solved by game’s end. Since the Creative Director confirmed that Remedy aims to launch DLC, perhaps the story’s lingering questions will be addressed there.

Kasurinnen also teased details about gameplay. There’s a skill tree, customizable input buttons, and weapon upgrades. Moreover, he spoke of Control’s flight mechanics. When asked to compare them to those featured in BioWare’s Anthem, Kasurinnen merely said Control’s feels more “controllable.”

Finally, Kasurinnen briefly hinted at what to expect of Control’s atmosphere. Interestingly, there are Stanley Kubrick-inspired visuals throughout the game. Those who pay close enough attention may discover meaning behind various shapes and forms. Don’t anticipate a full on horror experience reminiscent of Kubrick’s The Shining, though. While Control does feature elements of the genre, the power wielded by Jesse, the protagonist, allows her to defeat such elements. Contrarily, as Kasurinnen put it, horror games turn players into “victim[s] of circumstance.”

To see the Game Informer interview in full, check out the video below:

Presently, Control lacks a release date, but will launch sometime in 2019 for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.