Days Gone’s Latest Challenge Traps You in a House Awaiting Waves of Freaker Hordes

Bend Studio has added Days Gone’s 11th free challenge to the game. It is another survival-based challenge, but this one makes things a tad more difficult. Essentially, Deacon St. John finds himself trapped in a building with waves of Freaker hordes incoming. From the bit of gameplay shown in a teaser video, it looks about as stressful as it sounds.

Get a glimpse of the “Dead by Daylight” horde challenge in the following post from Bend Studio:

Though the video is short, running just over 30 second long, it does offer a few useful tips for players who are up to the challenge. For starters, preparing and setting traps will probably be essential to outlasting the several waves of Freakers. The clip’s second tip warns players against taking Deacon outside. Apparently, this behavior will only alert even more of the horde. Needless to say, going outside probably is not the best idea. Finally, a third tip informs players about the benefit of scavenging on all three floors of the building. It seems there’s plenty around to use, so long as players are quick and crafty.

Soon Days Gone fans will have yet another reason to drop back into Oregon’s post-apocalyptic setting. Next week, Bend Studio plans to unleash another free update, which will bring New Game Plus to the experience. The New Game Plus update is also set to debut two new difficulty modes (Hard II and Survival II), and additional trophies.

Bend Studio’s Days Gone is out now on the PlayStation 4.

[Source: SIE Bend Studio on Twitter]