Hop Back on Your Bikes, as Days Gone Is Getting New Game Plus

According to Bend Studio, there’s been one key feature fans have asked for since Days Gone’s launch in April–New Game Plus. Thankfully, the developer will soon deliver the much-coveted mode. On Friday, September 13th, a new update will go live for free that includes it. That’s not all, though. In addition to the brand-new mode, players can expect to see new difficulty levels, and additional trophies added to the experience.

With New Game Plus, players will be able to journey through the Days Gone experience once more with all of their upgrades from a previous playthrough intact. This includes NERO boosters, Drifter Bike upgrades, skills, recipes, camp trust and credit, and more. The only requirement for using an old save is that players will have to have previously played through the “I’m Never Giving Up” story arc.

Of course, choosing a difficulty for the new mode will factor into the mode’s arrival. Standard difficulties such as Easy and Hard are options. Even Survival, added post-launch, will serve as an choice. However, two new difficulty modes are being added: Hard II and Survival II. Both are slated to appear in NG+ and the regular experience for new players.

Perks earned in Days Gone’s challenges that have been launching weekly will also be accessible in NG+. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Game Director Jeff Ross advised players who haven’t tried to the challenges to earn a gold standing in each to “maximize” gameplay perks before the new mode arrives.

Days Gone’s upcoming update will also bring with it some new trophies to unlock. Specifics haven’t been unveiled, but they will relate to NG+, the two new difficulty modes, and a “a mysterious new weapon from an agent that only operates in the shadows.” (Please be another Syphon Filter tease.)

[Source: PlayStation Blog]