Use the Environment to Defeat 300 Freakers in the Latest Days Gone Challenge

Bend Studio has released the latest DLC challenge for Days Gone, Reload, which pits you against a horde of 300 Freakers. It’s just you, the Freakers, and a timer set to three minutes. Your goal is, you guessed it, taking all of them out. The twist with this challenge is that you must use the environment to emerge victorious, taking advantage of explosive canisters and other helpful items nearby.

In addition to Reload, a new update has gone live, introducing numerous fixes. One interesting fix involves the Dead Don’t Ride challenge. Bend Studio has reset its leaderboards, due to an error that incorrectly gave people overly high scores. This one-time reset will let everyone start fresh and allow everyone to have more fair and accurate scores. Likewise, the Outride challenge had the opposite problem in which an error caused fewer points to be awarded than intended. This, too, has been fixed.

Aside from that, a host of fixes have been introduced. You can find those patch notes below:

  • “Snake” ring now repairs your bike every second you drift rather than only once per drift

  • Players should no longer be affected by a physics bug causing them to die after re-mounting the bike after crashing

  • The skill “Bull Rush” now correctly allows the player to reload their weapon after using the skill

  • Criers no longer appear on the mini-map on Survival Mode as intended

  • Aim Snap and Aim Stickiness settings will remain as intended after playing a challenge mode challenge

  • Smoke Bombs work as intended in both story mode and challenge mode

  • Traps in Iron Mike’s Encampment will no longer affect friendly NPCs

  • Pathing for the Freakers in “Infested” have been adjusted

  • Increased the lighting some cinematics

  • NERO Fuses used at different NERO checkpoints will respawn at its original location

  • Fixed the descriptions of some of the sub-challenges

  • Remote bombs will only blow up 1 bomb per activation of the right d-pad

  • An issue which caused players to shoot to the right of the reticule has been resolved

  • Various Crash Fixes

  • General audio adjustments

  • General Localization fixes

Update 1.40 will add a handful of accessibility options, like motion sensor aiming functionality, auto-completion of QTEs (Easy Mode only), and an adjustment to the Dualshock’s Dead Zones to allow for fine tune stick movements.

Challenge 10 will unlock on August 30th, with Challenge 11 going live the following week on September 6th, and Challenge 12 ready for the week after that on September 13th.

Despite its mixed reception, Days Gone has sold extremely well and is even the second best-selling game of 2019 in the UK.

Have you been keeping up with Days Gone’s challenges? What have you thought of Bend Studio’s support? Let us know!

[Source: Reddit]