Kojima Productions to Host 3 Stage Presentations for Death Stranding at TGS 2019

Clearly, Kojima Productions’ plans for Tokyo Game Show this year are far more extensive than anyone could’ve imagined. The studio will host three different stage presentations for Death Stranding during the show, two of which are gameplay demonstrations.

Koijma Productions recently took to Twitter to announce the news. On September 12th, the studio will host a live stage gameplay demo, set to last approximately 50 minutes long. A couple of days later on September 14th, another demo will be shown off, spanning around half an hour in length. On Tokyo Game Show’s final day, September 15th, the company intends to host a stage event that will feature Death Stranding’s Japanese voice cast. According to the Twitter post, Kojima himself will participate in some capacity, as well.

Kojima followed up the studio’s tweet with one on his personal Japanese account. In the post, the director explained the event slated for September 15th is meant to serve as a “fan appreciation day.”

At the time of writing, it remains unclear as to whether either of the two gameplay demos will see the light of day online. Hopefully, at least one of them will hit the web, as questions about Death Stranding’s core gameplay mechanics still persist.

However, Western audiences did just get a pretty meaty look at the title during gamescom. The gameplay demo shown off at gamescom’s Opening Night Live ran around 20 minutes long. It featured quite a few surprises, too, including Norman Reedus’ character peeing and a Geoff Keighly cameo.

Death Stranding will arrive later this year on November 8th for the PlayStation 4. Fans will get to explore the game world a little further on November 12th, once publisher Titan Books releases the game’s official art book, The World of Death Stranding. Preorders have already gone live for the book, which costs $39.95.

[Source: Kojima ProductionsHideo Kojima on Twitter]