A Knights Quest release date

Clumsily Make Your Way Through a Daring Adventure in A Knight’s Quest This Fall

Originally meant to release in 2018, Curve Digital, who you may remember from American Fugitive, and Sky9 Games announced A Knight’s Quest just over two years ago. Now, it seems the title is truly ready for its debut. This new third-person action adventure will hit the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One on an unspecified date this fall for $24.99.

In unveiling A Knight’s Quest release window, Curve Digital also unleashed a brand-new trailer. Get a look at A Knight’s Quest and its clumsy protagonist, Rusty, in action in the following video:

A Knight’s Quest follows Rusty, a blundering adventurer who sets out to right his wrongs after incidentally unleashing a series of events that spell doom for his world. While venturing to fix his mistakes, Rusty must solve puzzles, battle the world’s most challenging foes, and overcome boss fights. Players will be tasked with accomplishing all of this and doubtless more while exploring a vibrant and lush open-world.

Gameplay-wise, Rusty’s clumsy adventuring skills will allow him to platform, wall-run, rail-grind, and stick it to a wide variety of enemies via sword fighting. As evidenced by the gameplay trailer above, the character seems more adept at some skills, and far less at others. It appears his haplessness will make for quite the experience, though. Plus, who needs a strong, brave, and wise hero? Rusty may be no Odysseus, but when his kingdom is in peril, he clearly steps up. Especially if the peril is his own doing.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first A Knight’s Quest adventure. In 2011, Sky9 Games developed A Knight’s Quest: Quest for Milk, a flash game accessible for free online. Sky9 is also known for Strike Force Heroes and Raze.

[Source: Curve Digital via Gematsu]