american fugitive release date

Escape the Law in American Fugitive on PlayStation 4 This May

Developer Fallen Tree Games, the team behind the PS Vita’s Quell Memento, recently announced its new top-down action game, American Fugitive. Now the developer, alongside publisher Curve Digital, has unveiled the title’s 2019 release date. American Fugitive will hit the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One this Spring on May 23rd. Launching with a digital version only, Fallen Tree Games’ latest adventure will cost consumers $19.99.

Described as an open-world sandbox experience, American Fugitive will place players in the role of Will Riley, a man falsely accused and convicted of murdering his father in cold blood. In an effort to combat the injustice, Riley breaks out of jail, fully intent on catching up to those directly responsible for his imprisonment.

The story takes place during the 1980s in Redrock County, an area known for being rife with criminals of all shapes and sizes. After escaping prison, Riley must infiltrate the community to avoid the police. To ensure the protagonist’s success, the player will need to wholly on the game’s environment. For example, stealing and selling items may be integral to Riley’s survival, particularly as his appearance will require changing quite often.

Of course, discovering clues and information about the truth behind the murder of Riley’s father also rests at the core of American Fugitive. However, due to the ongoing police chase, sneaking about and searching for clues may not always be in the character’s best interest.

From a gameplay perspective, American Fugitive offers a top-down 3D experience. In addition to unravelling a murder mystery, players will engage in a wide variety of activities. Most of them are admittedly felonious, such as robbing houses, stealing vehicles, sticking up stores, etc. But if it’s all in an effort to clear Riley’s name and put his father’s real killer behind bars, what’s the harm?

[Source: Gematsu]