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Save the World as a Blundering Adventurer in A Knight’s Quest Next Week

Last month, publisher Curve Digital announced plans to launch action-adventure title A Knight’s Quest this fall. Curve Digital clearly intends to keep its word, as the game’s release date has just been marked for October 10th. On this date, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Epic Games Store) players will be able to purchase a copy for $24.99. A Knight’s Quest will go live on Xbox One for the same price on October 11th.

This news comes courtesy of a newly released launch date trailer. Check it out below:

The Sky9 Games-developed adventure stars Rusty, a blundering young adventurer who sets out to save his world from evil. Interestingly, Rusty’s less than heroic deeds are what put the world and all of humanity in peril. Now the protagonist must right his wrongs in an attempt to mend the mess he made at all costs. Rusty will, hopefully, accomplish this by solving challenging puzzles, battling the forces of evil in combat, and defeating a wide variety of boss fights. Needless to say, this task will by no means be easy, especially considering the character’s clumsy disposition.

Despite the character’s hapless qualities, A Knight’s Quest will present players with a slew of gameplay options. As shown in the latest trailer above, sword fighting serves as Rusty’s primary form of combat. The character also has at his disposal an array of traversal options, which most notably includes platforming, wall-running, and rail-grinding skills. Will this be enough to rescue humanity from the clutches of a menacing threat? Find out in just one week’s time.

[Source: Curve Digital]