Prime 1 Studio Unveils Unbelievably Realistic-Looking Death Stranding Collectibles

Prime 1 Studio is at it again, unveiling stunning collectible statues for highly-anticipated games. This time, the Japanese manufacturer took to the floor of Tokyo Game Show 2019 to unveil new figures for Death Stranding. The two shown off are for Norman Reedus’ and Mads Mikkelsen’s characters, Sam Bridges and Cliff respectively. As usual, Prime 1 Studio’s work looks wildly impressive. In truth, these statues look pretty realistic, too.

One shot of the Cliff figure was shared on Twitter by a TGS attendee and retweeted by the manufacturer’s account. Check it out below:

Get a close look at the 1:2 scale Sam Bridges statue from Prime 1 Studio in the following photos below, both of which come from the company’s social media page:

death stranding prime 1 studio

death stranding prime 1 studio

Neither figure has a price or release date yet. Concrete information may surface soon, though, since the game itself is only a couple of months away.

Prime 1 Studio’s take on the new Kojima game isn’t the only Death Stranding-related thing that has people buzzing at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Yesterday, Kojima showed off a massive gameplay demo that spans nearly an hour long. In it, much more of the open-world was put on display, in addition to fresh details concerning how the game’s asynchronous multiplayer will function.

On September 14th, yet another lengthy demo will go live online. While it won’t run for roughly 48 minutes, Kojima does plan to have a member of the development team demo the title live for about half an hour. What exactly the new 30-minute look at Death Stranding will entail remains unknown.

Koijma’s Death Stranding will come to the PlayStation 4 this fall on November 8th.

[Source: Prime 1 Studio on Twitter]