Next Week’s State of Play Broadcast Will Feature New Game Reveals, but No PS5

Sony has announced its next State of Play, which will be broadcast in the coming days. The live show will begin streaming on September 24th at 1:00pm PST. Fans should expect to tune in for a roughly 20 minute showcase. Apparently, State of Play will have a brand-new look too.

During the latest State of Play, Sony intends to unveil plenty of surprises. These will include new game reveals, new content from the first party studios, as well as additional updates of an unknown variety. One thing fans shouldn’t look for are details about the next-generation of hardware. The company isn’t ready to unload information on that front just yet. Still, it appears this impending State of Play will deliver quite the show.

Interestingly, this broadcast’s news may not be a surprise to some. Days ago, an industry analyst teased that Sony had a second event planned for next week. This is on top of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II media showing which, funnily enough, will also take place on September 24th. Hopefully, these two events occurring on the same day means the public will get a hint about whatever the media will see. Reportedly, the media will see about three hours of content.

If The Last of Us Part II does get airtime during next week’s State of Play, rumors from last month indicate a release date announcement could be a part of the news. Don’t get too excited about it, though. They are rumors, after all, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

The last State of Play aired in May. That was the event that introduced Predator: Hunting Grounds, so who knows what Sony has in store for next week?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]