Gearbox Reveals the Creepy Content Coming to Borderlands 3’s Bloody Harvest Event

The Borderlands Show has come and gone, leaving plenty of new Borderlands 3 information in its wake. During the stream hosted by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller and Fran Mirabella, the game’s Creative Director, Paul Sage, unleashed details about Bloody Harvest. This upcoming event is set to launch in October for a limited time, and will be available free of charge. The Halloween-inspired content will feature tons of scares on a new map replete with creepy enemies, new character skins, a boss battle, and more.

To access the content, Vault Hunters will need to have already made their way aboard the Sanctuary III spaceship. Those who have reached this point in the main campaign will begin stumbling across “Haunted enemies” once Bloody Harvest goes live. Players should expect to encounter these enemies while exploring the galaxy, as they serve as the “key to accessing” the new map, crafted specifically for the Halloween-themed event.

Haunted enemies will present quite the challenge too, as Ghosts will rise from their corpses. Dealing with phantom creatures may seems easy enough, however, Vault Hunters who make contact with them will suffer from a “Terror” debuff, which impairs the Vault Hunter’s vision. In addition, this debuff negatively impacts gunplay mechanics such as accuracy, handling, and shot spread.

That isn’t all, either. Bloody Harvest will give fans plenty of content to sift through, including a chance to make friends with a scaly creature named Maurice, who arrives on Sanctuary III after enough Hecktoplasm is collected. A wide variety of enemies won’t be friendly, though. Rakk-O’-Lanterns, Maliwan goons, and others will make the trek through the horror-filled galaxy all the more frightening.

Vault Hunters should expect to encounter the Baron of Bloody Harvest too, a new boss ready to engage anyone who crosses into his domain in mortal (or immortal) combat. And, thankfully, all of the above can be done in style! Cosmetic goodies players will earn in the free event include: A Weapon Trinket, an ECHO Device skin, a skin for each Vault Hunter (as well as Moze’s mech Iron Bear and Fl4K’s pets), and a Global Weapon Skin. Those hoping to farm new gear should also be on the look at for Legendary loot and Anointed loot from Haunted enemies.

[Source: Gearbox Software]