Rainbow 6 Update

Rainbow Six Siege’s DDoS Attackers Will Be Hit With Legal Action and Ban Waves, Says Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s popular shooter Rainbow Six Siege, which recently surpassed 50 million players, has seen an increase in the amount of DDoS/Dos attacks to such an extent that the developer has resorted to exploring legal options.

In an official update, Ubisoft has announced that not only will it be initiating a ban wave against the worst offenders across all platforms, it’ll also begin serving cease and desists to those hosting DDoS attack services.

“We have discussed the current situation with our legal team, and assessed our options,” wrote the studio. “We will be issuing cease and desists to websites and people hosting these services. Legal action against prominent DDoS/DoS attackers is in progress.”

Starting early October, Ubisoft will also be adjusting the way it manages network data and how it accepts packets sent to its servers. However, the developer declined to go into details as it’ll expose the information attackers need to circumvent the countermeasures.

“We have noted the unintended consequences of the escalating abandon sanction on players impacted by DDoS/DoS attacks,” Ubisoft continued. “We are disabling this feature to reduce the longer term impact that is felt by legitimate players.”

Last but not least, the studio is reducing the amount of matches it hosts per sever to lessen the blow of DDoS attacks.

“We currently host three matches per server,” explained Ubisoft. “When a server crashes, or when a DDoS/DoS attack occurs, this results in three matches being impacted and taken offline. We are splitting this to have each server host a single match to reduce the impact.”

Here’s hoping Ubisoft succeeds.

[Source: Rainbow Six Siege]