Dying Light 2 Post-Launch Plan Could Mean 4 Years of Extra Content

Previously, Techland stated that upcoming next-generation consoles, which are expected in late 2020, would not deter the studio’s plans for Dying Light 2’s post-launch content. In a recent interview, it seems the team is doubling down on past comments and promising even more. Fans of the original Dying Light may be pleased to learn support for the sequel will be just as extensive and could last for several years after launch.

In an interview with Prankster101, Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektała briefly touched on Techland’s DLC plans for Dying Light 2. Without going into specifics, he explained that support for the sequel will mirror that of the first title. Smektała told the publication,

Dying Light 1 was supported for 4 years after its release, and the plan for Dying Light 2 is exactly the same. We want this game to be supported after its release. We know that a lot of fans will be waiting for DLCs, updates, extra stuff they can get their hands on. And we promise to deliver them just that.

It seems anything is possible in the long run. After all, Techland still aims to push out even more content for Dying Light. A couple of months ago, Smektała revealed that a small team at the studio was working on “additional stuff” for the early 2015 title. What that entails exactly remains to be seen. With the sequel set to launch in less than a year, here’s to hoping the first entry in the series gets the send off it deserves.

Dying Light 2 is scheduled to launch early next year on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: Prankster101 via MP1st]