Techland Is Still Working on Additional Content for the Original Dying Light

With Dying Light 2 set to launch in spring 2020, people might think all hands are on deck development-wise at Techland. Apparently, this isn’t exactly the case. There’s a “small team” at the studio responsible for additional content that will launch for the original title. This is according to Tymon Smektala, a Lead Designer at the Polish developer, who recently sat down for a lengthy interview with

In discussing Techland’s support of Dying Light, Smektala spoke of the ’10-in-12′ campaign, which saw the company release 10 pieces of DLC for the title over the course of 12 months in 2018. Obviously, such a campaign isn’t happening now in 2019. However, this and the forthcoming launch of a sequel doesn’t mean the ship has sailed for new content in the original release. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Additional content will eventually see the light of day. Smektala told, “…We had a meeting right before E3 where we said we still wanted to add things to the first one. And there’s now a small team which is working on additional stuff that will happen in Dying Light.”

Smektala wouldn’t divulge what the new content may entail. Yet, he did offer an explanation as to why Techland has been so dedicated to continuing its support of the game.

We supported the game for two reasons. The first is that we believe in our community, and we really believe they will be the most essential part for us getting the word out about Dying Light 2. The other thing is that supporting a game like Dying Light for such a long time allows us to be slightly more crazy, and slightly more creative with some things, and also test some ideas and gameplay elements that we’re not sure about.

If we had an idea we’re unsure about for Dying Light 2, we could mimic that idea to some extent in support of the first game and see how it works. We can see what people find attractive and what’s unattractive to them.

Techland’s dedication to Dying Light also helped boost game sales, as good word-of-mouth continues to spread. Reportedly, the title sold better in 2018 than it did in 2017. It performed better on the market in 2017 than it did in 2016.

It’s unclear as to when the new DLC will arrive for Dying Light. However, players who haven’t touched the game in a while may have a pretty sizable update waiting for them when they eventually boot it back up. In May, an update weighing roughly 4GB to 6GB in size landed on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At the time, the purpose of the patch wasn’t known.

Dying Light 2 is set to launch on an unspecified date in the spring of 2020.