Random Dying Light Update Goes Live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

We haven’t had any updates for the original Dying Light for some time. This is expected, since a sequel will hit store shelves in the not too distant future. However, a bit of activity has ears in the fan community perked with interest. A new update recently went live across the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, weighing between 4GB and 6GB. For now, why Dying Light is receiving a new patch and what it does specifically remains a mystery.

Fans on the console platforms received notifications to download the patch, though there is no mention of what the patch fixes or updates. An update that went live on PC on May 21st may offer some sort of clue, however. According to GearNuke, while most of the PC fixes were indeed PC-specific, such as addressing issues concerning Windows 10 crashes, there were a couple that could have made it into the console update. These additions include “minor bug fixes” and “general build stability” improvements.

If the PC update at all reflects what’s present for the console version, then Dying Light’s latest update isn’t one worth writing home about. Still, it’s interesting to see Techland still adjusting the game’s quality so many years after release, especially with Dying Light 2 on the horizon.

Speaking of Dying Light 2, Techland will finally show off more of the sequel during E3 2019. Apart from the title’s emphasis on choice and factions, not much has been revealed about the franchise’s upcoming new entry. Though it’s worth noting that fans of the original should anticipate quite a few changes on the zombie front. According to developers, the creatures will evolve this time around.

Dying Light 2 does not yet have an official release date. However, the sequel is expected to launch on an unspecified date in 2019. Hopefully, E3 will see this information finally emerge.

[Source: GearNuke]