Techland Will Show Off More Dying Light 2 at E3 2019

Techland used E3 2018 as the vehicle to announce Dying Light’s much-anticipated sequel. It is only fitting that Dying Light 2 will return to the E3 stage this year. The studio revealed the news on the game’s official Twitter account, promising a fresh look at Techland’s “most ambitious project” yet.

See the Twitter post about Dying Light 2’s E3 2019 appearance below:

New gameplay for Dying Light 2 has not been shown since E3 2018. However, the development team behind the title has sated curious fans by offering tidbits about the experience here and there. Thus far, details about the significance of choice have been plentiful. A player’s decision-making will be integral to how the game-world evolves over time, for instance. The depth to choices big and small will essentially allow players to “create their own version of [Dying Light 2’s] city,” Lead Designer Tymon Smektała said in a late 2018 interview.

During another interview, Smektała addressed how factions have changed between the original title and its sequel. Larger factions in Dying Light 2, such as Peacekeepers and Scavengers, propagate ideologies on how best to survive. Players will have to choose whether such causes are worth supporting, and subsequently manage the consequences should their decision become harmful. Smaller factions made up of those who merely want to survive will also be present throughout the experience. Similar to interactions with larger groups, a player’s choices where the smaller factions are concerned are bound to shape the narrative, too. Hopefully, Techland will demonstrate how this all plays out soon.

Perhaps E3 2019 will see Dying Light 2 receive an official release date. Apart from a nebulous 2019 launch window, it’s unclear as to when fans should expect to return to the series.

[Source: Dying Light Game on Twitter]