Players Create Their Own Version of Dying Light 2’s City With Their Choices

Given how often it becomes a topic of discussion, Dying Light 2’s choice and consequence system will seemingly act as one of the title’s core pillars. We already know how choice shapes the game world and the stories within it. Now developers from Techland are expanding on this notion, saying that players can do far more than merely shape the world. Choice in Dying Light 2 will allow players to craft their own version of the title’s setting.

Lead Designer Tymon Smektala recently spoke with Edge Magazine, explaining how player choice influences the overall experience in Dying Light’s sequel. In doing so, Smektala noted the significance of Techland’s bringing in Chris Avellone, the designer and writer known for Fallout 2, Fallout New Vegas, and more. Smektala told Edge,

We knew that we perhaps didn’t have the expertise, so we wanted to work with somebody who did. We have a whole wall in our narrative team’s room devoted to presenting the relationships–sticky notes, pictures, print-outs with arrows connecting them. We believe the combination of those small and big choices will let players create their own version of the city, their own sandbox, a version that not only has a different narrative but a different kind of gameplay.

Some decisions may feature options that feel draconian, if Smektala’s reference to the Middle Ages offers anything to go on. He added the following:

When you think of medieval times, there are all those things that come to mind instantly. Intrigue, infidelity, harsh laws; you steal something and your hand gets cut off. The relations between people, between the people in power and those not as fortunate, we’re using those archetypes in our story.

Dying Light 2 does not yet have a release date, but Techland plans to launch the sequel sometime in 2019.

[Source: Edge Magazine via GamingBolt]