spirit of the north release date

Spirit of the North Will Let You Venture Into Nordic Folklore’s Mysteries in November

Spirit of the North, the adventure title announced last summer, finally has a solid launch date. According to developer Infuse Studio, the Nordic folklore-inspired game will hit the PlayStation 4 on November 1, 2019. It will also land on PC and Xbox One eventually.

After unveiling an official release date, Infuse Studio unleashed a brand-new trailer. See just what you will be getting into with Spirit of the North in the gameplay video below:

Inspired by Iceland, Spirit of the North stars a little red fox as he explores the mysteries of Nordic folklore. There is no dialogue or traditional narrative involved with this experience; players won’t receive any direct guidance. Instead, making it from point A to point B will rely solely on their ability to solve puzzles and infer meaning from a lost civilization.

In venturing across beautiful landscapes, such as tundras and mountain sides, the red fox will find his journey interwoven with that of another. A female spirit fox, whose role is to serve as guardian to the Northern Lights, will make the Icelandic setting all the more enticing and mysterious.

Spirit of the North won’t offer an open-world experience. Rather, the title from Infuse Studio is far more linear in nature. However, it seems as though it will still have plenty for players to discover, as the story overall is said to last roughly eight hours in length.

[Source: Infuse Studio via Gematsu]