Resurrect Sir Dan in a Short-Lived Demo for the MediEvil Remake

Hours before the September 24, 2019 State of Play broadcast, a demo for the MediEvil remake landed on the Japanese PlayStation Store. The demo was promptly removed, but not before fans got a hint at what was on the horizon. As many suspected, the demo did officially go live in the hours following State of Play’s stream. It’s available now to download free of charge, and will net those who finish it some extra goodies to be used in the main game. Fans interested in trying it out should do so soon, however. Since it’s a “Short-Lived” demo, it will only be live until October 7th at 12 am PST.

Early in the demo, eagle-eyed players are bound to come across Sir Daniel Fortesque’s helmet. Apparently, this piece of armor was originally available on the PS1, but only in MediEvil’s Japanese version. Players who find it in the remake’s demo will get to equip it in the full game for “an extra challenge,” according to a post on the PlayStation Blog.

In announcing the MediEvil’s Short-Lived demo, Sony launched the following trailer:

The remake’s demo covers some early sections of the game. In it, players will get to explore Dan’s Crypt, mostly to get a feel for the gameplay and grab his weapons. Once that’s out of the way, players can take the hero of Gallowmere into the Graveyard, where zombies and the bright light of the moon awaits.

MediEvil’s release is right around the corner, evidenced by its recently going gold. Sir Dan will be revived once more to beat back Zarok’s forces next month on October 25th.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]