WWE 2K20 In-Game Soundtrack Features Bangers From Muse, Motley Crue, Banks, and More

2K Games has announced the complete WWE 2K20 in-game soundtrack that virtual rasslin’ fans will be listening to as they grapple with this year’s installment of the long-running franchise. Whatever genre you’re into, the game should pretty much have you covered, from hip-hop to heavy metal and plenty in between.

WWE’s professional wrestling games have been a mixed bag in the past where their soundtracks are concerned, with some being notably strong in their selection of licensed music tracks, while others have omitted them completely in favor of looping original WWE entrance themes. The past couple of years saw Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson layeth the playlist down in 2018 and a bevy of WWE Superstars select their favorite tracks to feature in last year’s 2K19 (which was pretty good).

You can be the judge of whether WWE 2K20 is set to aurally impress, as all 12 tracks that have been licensed for the game’s soundtrack are listed below:

  • Banks – “Gimme”
  • Barns Courtney – “99”
  • Bring Me The Horizon ft. Dani Filth – “Wonderful Life”
  • Grandson – “Stigmata”
  • Lil Uzi Vert – “XOTour Llif3”
  • Motley Crue ft. Machine Gun Kelly – “The Dirt”
  • Muse – “The Dark Side”
  • Poppy – “METAL”
  • Saweetie – “Icy Girl”
  • The Black Keys – “LO / HI”
  • The Misfits – “Hybrid Moments”
  • Watt ft. Post Malone – “Burning Man”

Whether electropop or indie rock is more your thing, there should be something there that speaks (or rather sings) to you. If you haven’t heard some of those tracks before, or really must hear one of your favorites, they’re conveniently available to preview for free via Apple Music. Of course, you can also listen in full if you’re an existing subscriber.

With the soundtrack now a known quantity, pro wrestling fans are sure to begin to wonder what gameplay in WWE 2K20 might look like. As with most annual sports releases—or sports entertainment, in this case—not much generally changes besides the roster and small tweaks to certain features, yet after 2K parted ways with WWE games development veteran Yuke’s who knows what to expect this time around.

We’ll find out when WWE 2K20 hits PS4, PC, and Xbox One on October 22, 2019.