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Console Players Can Try Surviving Green Hell’s Amazonian Rainforest in 2020

Creepy Jar’s Amazon-set survival title Green Hell recently exited Steam Early Access, launching a full version of the game this past September. Console players may not have to wait too much longer to explore the rainforest’s dangers for themselves. Green Hell will come to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on an unspecified date in 2020, Creepy Jar announced. For now, this constitutes all the information the studio is offering about the future console release, though details are supposed to arrive “soon.”

Get a quick look at what the survival experience will entail with the following PC launch trailer:

Creepy Jar unveiled the survival-centric title in early 2018 with a brief announcement trailer. Not too long thereafter, the team released a lengthy gameplay demo. The 20-minute video depicted the horrors of the Amazon, as well as the myriad ways in which the main character will be psychologically challenged.

While revealing console launch plans, Creepy Jar also unveiled a content roadmap for Green Hell on PC. Features such as plant cultivation, a co-op mode, and expanded shelters are all on track to arrive in the coming months. It’s currently unclear how this content will be implemented into the console version once it eventually goes live.

In Green Hell, the player-character will wake up in the Amazon with no knowledge of their own identity. Also a mystery is how they wound up in the middle of the world’s most massive tropical rainforest. Since the game at its core serves as a survival simulator, players will have to uncover blanks in the protagonist’s memory, while primarily focusing on living to fight another day. The jungle’s dangerous qualities aren’t merely reflected in obvious threats such as wild animals, either. An additionally unforgiving aspect of the wilderness is threat of parasites, infections, and several other bodily afflictions that could result in fatal consequences.

[Source: Creepy Jar via Gematsu]