PSVR Zombie Shooter Arizona Sunshine Gets Another Prequel DLC Chapter

Just in time for the Halloween season, the newest Arizona Sunshine DLC, called The Damned, has launched for the price of $4.99, giving you even more zombies to shoot at.

A prequel DLC set before the events of both the original game and the first Dead Man DLC, The Damned will put you in the role of an all-new protagonist named Liam. He’s one of the few survivors of the zombie apocalypse, and has certainly seen some better days even within said apocalypse. One day Liam meets up with the United States Special Forces who ask him to help turn back on the hydroelectric power dam. Naturally the entire army is killed, and it’s up to Liam to turn the power back on by himself.

Promising “the largest Arizona Sunshine mission to date,” you’ll need to navigate the dam either alone or with a friend in online co-op. However, there’s a twist to this task: Liam has a fear of heights. With plenty of cliffs to shimmy across and dilapidated bridges precariously placed over dizzying heights, this is something Liam is going to have to quickly get used to. Thankfully you can at least bring a friend along, as the whole mission can be played in co-op.

Arizona Sunshine is a PlayStation VR FPS where you travel the state of Arizona trying to survive while fighting off zombies. It originally launched on PC at the end of 2016, with a PSVR version following in the middle of 2017. You can read our review to get a better idea of what we thought of the game when it came out. The first DLC expansion for the game, Dead Man, launched in 2018. Since then, developer Vertigo Games put out VR strategy game Skyworld earlier this year, and are now currently working on another VR FPS called After the Fall.