Arizona Sunshine Dead Man DLC Launches in June, Includes New Mission and More

It’s a good day for PSVR fans, as Vertigo Games has announced that the first campaign DLC for zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine will launch for PlayStation VR next month. The Dead Man DLC, as its called, will add a prequel mission set in a completely new environment that plays out in the final days before the events of the actual game. In this mission, which takes place mostly in a missile silo, players will need to attempt to launch a nuclear-warhead loaded missile that is key to stopping the spread of zombies across the American Southwest.

While Dead Man won’t reveal the exact cause of the zombie outbreak, Vertigo Games has said (via the PlayStation Blog) that it will attempt to show humanity’s many tries to contain the spread through various desperate missions. Along with the new story mission, players will also be given access to three new weapons: a fully automatic submachine gun, a two-handed shotgun, and a tactical handgun. All three will come in handy as the new story promises to bring players through both close-quarter action and outdoor set pieces. Much like the main game, players will be able to join friends in co-op modes, and will also come with six new trophies for players to try and achieve. When it launches in June, the Dead Man DLC will run players only $2.49, so if you’re looking for more zombie fun, this won’t cost you much at all.

For even more on the PlayStation VR first-person shooter, check out our Arizona Sunshine review. Here’s what Chandler Wood had to say about the title at the time of release:

Arizona Sunshine is a good game, but doesn’t hit the great status it could have had by being an earlier PSVR release. I have to commend the developers for putting a lot of hard work into making every control scheme feel good. It’s nice to not feel like you have to own an extra peripheral to play, but to be rewarded if you do. I was surprised that many of the complaints players had with the original PC versions weren’t addressed in this release, but I still had a lot of fun shooting zombies in virtual reality while listening to a nuanced narrative of a survivor fighting to maintain his sanity as the Arizona sun sets on the horizon.

Arizona Sunshine is available now.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]