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Resident Evil 2 x Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Crossover Brings Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield to the Hunt

Scheduled to land next month—that’s November 2019, just to be sure—Japanese publisher Capcom has announced that the colossally successful Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is set to crossover with survival horror remake Resident Evil 2. Specifically, players can expect to see the iconic duo of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield become playable characters as part of the Resident Evil 2 x Monster Hunter World: Iceborne event.

Not only that but the announce trailer shared by the official Monster Hunter Twitter account (see below) also revealed that we can expect to see additional zombie skins for players to equip. Perhaps the craziest addition of all, however—and there’s a talking slab of tofu in there, might I add—is the introduction of what appears to be a Palico helper styled as the indomitable Mr. X!

These cutesy feline creatures can accompany players on hunts and otherwise offer help in a variety of ways, which does not fit the general description of the hulking brute that terrorizes Resident Evil 2 players throughout that game at all. Perhaps he’s turned over a new leaf after realizing that there are swathes of bigger and badder enemies than him in Monster Hunter World? Only time will tell.

With the update due to hit in November the crossover might miss Halloween, but it’s a good way to keep the seasonal spirit alive nonetheless. To help pass the time until then, but potentially make the wait until November drag even more thereafter (you’ve been warned), feel free to check out this pair of MHW design contest winners that were just announced.

The adorable plushy heads of the “Wiggler Set α+” took the Palico design category of the competition, while the detailed and multi-functional “Black Eagle” (video below) has been declared the winner of the weapon design portion. Both will be made available to players in November, which means those talented amateur designers will presumably be able to see their creations wielded by Raccoon City’s finest.