easiest platinum trophy

Players Can Now Earn the Easiest Platinum Trophy Just by Pressing X

Whether you call it the “Cross” or the “X” button, we can likely all agree on the fact that pressing said button is very easily done. By extension, the game A Winter’s Daydream is an incredibly simple means to an end for prospective PlayStation trophy hunters in search of the easiest platinum trophy

Having digitally launched today—October 8, 2019—in the US and Europe, the linear visual novel about family relations features no interactive gameplay mechanics to speak of. All that players need to do in order to complete the game and its entire trophy list at the same time is to progress the dialogue until they reach the very end. There aren’t even any dialogue choices to be made, which might have prompted players to go so far as exercising their d-pads once in a while.

Whether you actually want to experience the story, intrigued by the bizarre occurrence of protagonist Yuu’s grandmother becoming a “cute young girl,” or want absolutely nothing to do with that particular narrative, the game can reportedly be completed and simultaneously  “platinumed” in as little as 20 minutes.

A Winter’s Daydream launched on Steam just over a year ago and while undoubtedly niche, the 18 users that have since elected to review the game have done so with positive sentiment. “Lighthearted,” “nostalgic,” and “introspective” are just a few of the adjectives that users have applied to independent developer ebi-hime’s latest in a long line of visual novels released on the PC gaming platform.

Any players looking for a new platinum trophy to adorn their virtual cabinet (in addition to an XP boost that’ll help to increase their overall PlayStation profile level) can pick the game up right now for only $5.99 on PSN. Just keep it quiet that all you did was hammer the X button for a few minutes, yeah? Your friends might not be quite so impressed when they learn the full truth of the matter.

[Source: Maka91Productions]