50 Platinum Trophies in 20 Hours

YouTuber PS4Trophies Breaks World Record by Earning 50 Platinum Trophies in One 20-Hour Sitting

Renowned YouTuber and trophy hunter PS4Trophies (Brian) has just set a world record by earning 50 platinum trophies in one 20-hour sitting. The YouTuber’s goal was to earn 50 platinums in 24 hours, which he surpassed by a noticeable amount and did so via a live-stream. There were a few stipulations Brian put in place to achieve his goal, along with some more general info about what it took to set up the endeavor:

  • PS4 games only, no Vita or PS3 (means no cross-save instant platinums either)
  • He had to play new games on his main account, no replaying games he’s already earned the platinum for
  • Stacking is allowed, this allows him to play the same game from a different region with a separate trophy list
  • He had to create a new account to purchase games from different regions and use a PSN card specific to that region (though still used his main account to actually play the games)
  • All games were provided by publisher Ratalaika
  • The stream was intended to end when Brian reached 50 platinums or 24 hours, whichever came first
  • He needed to average 28:48 per game to achieve his goal, including loading times
  • Brian scheduled breaks every couple hours, clock continued to run during breaks
  • These are easy games, that’s the point
  • Based on his calculations, the entire endeavor can be completed in 19-20 hours
  • His PSN ID is PS_4Trophies

Unfortunately, the stream cannot be watched now, but you can check Brian’s PSN account to verify his accomplishment. If you look at the timestamps, you can confirm that he did, in fact, achieve his goal.

It’s also worth noting the list of games does feature duplicates from multiple regions. Some games have more than one trophy list depending on region, which can be completed to add to your trophy count. However, as Brian stated, you need to have an account in that region to purchase the game. If you download a game from a different region on your account, it’s sometimes a completely different version and will allow you to stack the trophy list, earning two (or more) of the same platinums for the same game—though he did have to play each of them through for each platinum. No instant plats here.

These are the kinds of things trophy hunters often consider when selecting which games to play and complete. To show just how in-depth Brian’s planning was, he even had seven backup games on standby to account for any game-breaking bugs or trophy glitches that could have occurred.

Here are the games Brian was able to earn the platinum trophies for in his 20-hour sitting (note duplicates are from different regions):

  1. Attack of the Toy Tanks
  2. Himno
  3. Mekabolt
  4. Cybarian: The Time Traveling Warrior
  5. Zeroptian Invasion
  6. Iron Snout
  7. 36 Fragments of Midnight
  8. Gravity Duck
  9. Foxy Land
  10. Bouncy Bullets
  11. Mochi Mochi Boy
  12. Super Weekend Mode
  13. Daggerhood
  14. FullBlast
  15. Heroes Trials
  16. Inksplosion
  17. Jack N’ Jill DX
  18. Metagal
  19. Midnight Deluxe
  20. Paradox Soul
  21. Super Destronaut DX
  22. Bouncy Bullets
  23. Deep Space Rush
  24. Bird Game+
  25. Peasant Knight
  26. Zeroptian Invasion
  27. Midnight Deluxe
  28. Attack of the Toy Tanks
  29. Super Weekend Mode
  30. Jack N’ Jill DX
  31. Mekabolt
  32. Daggerhood
  33. FullBlast
  34. Heroes Trials
  35. Inksplosion
  36. Himno
  37. Metagal
  38. Foxy Land
  39. Gravity Duck
  40. Mochi Mochi Boy
  41. 36 Fragments of Midnight
  42. Iron Snout
  43. Super Destronaut DX
  44. Bird Game+
  45. Zeroptian Invasion
  46. Cybarian: The Time Traveling Warrior
  47. Attack of the Toy Tanks
  48. Daggerhood
  49. Peasant Knight
  50. Metagal

Many of these games have platinum trophies that can be earned extremely quickly, with the average game taking about 15-20 minutes to complete. You can buy and download these games if you’d like to increase your own platinum trophy count if you’re into that sort of thing.

Brian from PS4Trophies is best known for his trophy guides, providing users with quick, informative videos in a timely fashion. He launched his YouTube channel in 2013 around the launch of the PS4 and has guides for nearly every major PS4 game you can think of.

For more on trophies, be sure to take a look at our own guide for Resident Evil 2’s Chasing Jill” trophy, which was added to tie the game to the newly announced Resident Evil 3. Also, be sure to check out Reddit user eblackham’s platinum trophy canvas, showing 200 of his proudest platinum trophies earned.

Brian noted that while he’s proud of his world record accomplishment, he thinks he’s proven that the trophy system is fundamentally broken and lacks any kind of oversight or quality control into “easy” to get accomplishments.

[Source: Twitter]