Start Getting Creative With Control When Its Photo Mode Drops Tomorrow

Since before Control’s launch, Remedy Entertainment’s been teasing the possibility of a Photo Mode. Just after the title hit stores, the studio finally felt comfortable confirming the mode’s eventual inclusion. Evidently, the time is coming faster than fans may have anticipated. Remedy will add Photo Mode to Control on October 16, 2019 in Patch 1.04.

In a PlayStation Blog post, Remedy’s Community Manager Vida Starcevic detailed what will be featured in the Photo Mode. Players will access the mode via the Options Menu on PlayStation 4. Controls-wise, it doesn’t seem too dissimilar from Photo Modes in other games. For instance, L2 and R2 will pan the camera up or down, while camera rotations will be adjustable via the left and right sticks.

The mode’s menu will feature two separate tabs. The “Camera” tab will consist of typical camera settings, like Field of View, Focus Distance, Aperture adjustments, etc. Meanwhile, the “Filters” tab will host some of the more creative options, such as 10 filter changes, the ability to hide Jesse and other characters, and so on. Given Control’s Brutalist art-inspired setting, players are bound to find myriad ways of expressing themselves.

Control hit the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in late August to generally favorable reviews. That doesn’t mean Jesse Faden’s venture into the Oldest House is finished, though. Remedy plans to release even more content in the coming months. Following Photo Mode’s launch, fans have “Expeditions” to look forward to, a challenging new mode slated to launch for free later in the year. In it, Jesse will face a variety of timed objectives, all in an effort to earn “powerful rewards.”

[Source: PlayStation Blog]