Control’s Post-Launch Content Includes a Free Game Mode, Paid DLC, and More

Remedy Entertainment has finally unveiled its DLC plans for Control. In a community blog post, the developer outlined what the next few months of post-launch content will look like. From the roadmap provided, it’s shaping up to be a pretty mixed bag. Some content, such as the new game mode, will be free. Meanwhile, other bits of content will launch in the form of paid expansion.

Apparently, the recently confirmed Photo Mode will kick off the first round of free DLC. It’s set to launch on an unspecified date this fall. For now, details are scarce, but more information should emerge sometime soon.

The next batch of free content, consisting of a free game mode, will release in December. This new piece of content, tentatively known as “Expeditions,” will serve as an “end-game mode.” In it, Jesse will assist Security Chief Arish in exploring the Formation and the areas surrounding it. According to the blog post, this mode will thrust Jesse into some of her greatest challenges yet. As such, players will need to have equipped the character with the best gear and abilities Control has to offer.

In early 2020, Remedy plans to begin unleashing paid DLC for the supernatural experience. This content will come in the form of two expansions, The Foundation and AWE, both of which will provide players with “new story missions, enemies, and game mechanics, and take place in new locations within the Oldest House.”

For The Foundation expansion, launching in early 2020, the Oldest House’s history will receive further exploration. During this expansion, the Board will task Jesse with venturing into what ever lies beneath the Bureau. Apparently, both the Bureau and the Foundation need to have order restored.

In AWE, Jesse will explore the Investigations Sector, a new part of the Oldest House where Altered World Events are closely examined and analyzed. Needless to say, things are bound to get pretty bizarre when this expansion arrives mid-2020.

Check out the roadmap graphic below for a look at what all Remedy has in store:

control dlc plans

Control is out now for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: Control Community Blog]