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Adorable Knitted Adventure Game Woven Launching on November 15th

It’s easy to fall in love with the aesthetics of games like Unravel and its knitted world. A new game called Woven wants to offer something similar, and it will be available on November 15th.

In Woven, you’ll play as Stuffy, an adorable stuffed elephant that is described as “well-meaning but clumsy.” He meets up with Glitch, a metal firefly that has no memories of where it came from or how it got to the knitted world Stuffy lives in. Unfortunately this world is being invaded by metal bugs that seek to consume and destroy it, and it’s up to Stuffy and Glitch to stop them. To do so they’ll have to take advantage of knitting machines, which will turn Stuffy into different animals that have a wide range of abilities. You can mix and match different animal parts to take advantage of different abilities, and also change Stuffy’s colors and make him look as charming as you feel like. Along the way Stuffy and Glitch will have to solve puzzles, play music, dig up collectibles, and search for hidden treasures to help them get rid of the robots.

In addition to all the cute gameplay, Woven is going to have a story told entirely in rhyme. A narrator will be present at all times, telling you about the on screen adventures like a parent reading a book to their child. It’s all in an effort to make Woven the kind of game you can chill out and relax too, hoping to wind down after a long day of work.

Woven is being developed by Alterego Games, a relatively small Dutch indie studio who put out The True Tales of Bloodstreet 13 – Chapter 1 on Steam earlier this year. Woven will be their first game to hit the PlayStation 4. The publisher is Dutch outfit StickyLock Studios, and this will be the first game they’ve published.