Close to the Sun’s Railway System Was Designed to Fit the Teslapunk Setting

While the name Nikola Tesla often brings about images of a weird, yet good, inventor that makes the gadgets you use in a game, Close to the Sun is a horror game about a Tesla-worshiping world gone wrong. With the full launch coming soon, Studio Manager Roberto Semprebene has taken to the PlayStation Blog to talk about some of the game’s design.

The interview focused on what went into designing a pretty specific part of the game: the cruiser liner’s internal railway system. One of the first things he said the team had to figure out was how to get around such a big ship. It turns out the solution laid in electricity, specifically rail cars. Tesla is well known for his work on electricity and rail cars were one of the first electric means of transportation, so it seemed to make sense in having this be a primary way of getting around the Helios.

Roberto also noted that a lot of effort went into designing where these carts end up. The stations all needed to follow a similar common architectural style, but work has gone in to make sure that each station had its own unique personality. Comparisons were made to some famous public transportation hubs, like the Paris Metropolitan or Grand Central Station.

You’ll be spending quite a bit of time using this system, as one of the unlucky people trapped aboard the ship. You play as a journalist named Rose that has been invited to board the Helios by her sister. The Helios is run by none other than Tesla himself, and it seems like it’ll be a pleasant high-tech trip. However things go horribly wrong when a murderer manages to get loose on the ship, horrifying monsters kill the crew and passengers, and Tesla goes mad. Rose needs to collect her sister and get out.

If you’re ready to travel through this ship, Close to the Sun will be coming soon and will also have a special collector’s edition to go with it. The game came out earlier this year as an Epic Store Exclusive despite the initial plan for consoles as well. Last year Wired Productions announced they would be publishing the game.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]