Dress Up as Ellie This Halloween With an Official The Last of Us Part II Cosplay Guide

Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s time to get costumes ready. If you’ve been looking for a video game-themed outfit this year, then you may be delighted to hear that Naughty Dog has put out an official cosplay guide for The Last of Us Part II‘s main protagonist, Ellie.

The guide, which can be found here, contains 19 pages of information about Ellie’s clothes, gear, tattoos, and scars. It opens up with a brief introduction to Ellie, mentioning how the 19-year-old woman has found a stable life in Jackson, Wyoming, despite the events of The Last of Us. It talks about how she has a preference towards function and practicality, but also has a “rebellious spirit” which can be seen in things like her well-worn jacket.

After this introduction are high quality renderings of Ellie. Several pages are spent on her face and the different variations. The suggestion seems to be to use either a clean, dirty, or bloody look, with specifics on where the dirt and blood needs to go to achieve the perfect look. There’s also a page devoted to Ellie’s hair, and even how much hair you need to tie up, how much should cover your face, and how much should obscure your left ear.

The guide then moves into Ellie’s clothes, giving high-quality renders of each article of clothing and descriptions the specify exactly which material they’re made of. You can see where you need to cut holes into your clothes and apply dirt. Special interest is given to Ellie’s backpack, talking about the functions various pockets perform and describing the pins attached to it in detail. A vector stencil of Ellie’s tattoo is also provided, something that gives us one of the most clear ways to see the details.

Finally, the guide shows off some of the weapons and equipment Ellie carries on her. For example, we got to learn that Ellie’s signature switchblade is specifically an Italian Mini Stiletto Bayonet. In another interesting detail, we can see Ellie uses charm beads to secure her bow’s string. Even if you’re not interested in cosplaying at all, this does provide a great look into character and her equipment.

With The Last of Us having recently hitting 20 million units sold, it makes sense that Naughty Dog would want to put out this guide, as there are surely a lot of fans interested in cosplaying.

The Last of Us Part II will be launching on February 21st, 2020. If you’re interested into a closer look at more of the world, an art book will also be releasing shortly after the game.