THQ Nordic Expands by Establishing a Japanese Subsidiary

THQ Nordic is expanding once more, except this time the company isn’t acquiring a new studio. Rather, the publisher has announced it will open a new arm in Japan, a subsidiary simply referred to as THQ Nordic Japan. The establishment of this Japanese subsidiary means THQ Nordic now has an entity to manage its and HandyGames‘ distribution, marketing, and public relations in the country.

In a press release, the publisher’s Managing Director, Klemens Kreuzer, noted that this move is an effort to “truly embrace the Japanese market.” To effectively do this, THQ Nordic Japan will be run by professionals native to the country. The Tokyo-based team consists of professionals with more than 15 years of industry experience, who have aided in the distribution of over 200 games to the market in Japan.

Key members of the newly formed Japanese subsidiary include Managing Director Yuji Kato, a former programmer with nearly 20 years experience in the industry. Manager Junko Kato serves as another integral figure, joining as a former editor who also has experience with QA and product management. Hiroshi Ogawa is on board as well, serving in the role of Project Manager. Ogawa is a former programmer, with additional skills in networking and exhibitions management. For now, further details about the subsidiary’s future remains under wraps.

The formation of THQ Nordic Japan marks the establishment of the publisher’s second global distribution arm. THQ’s first and previously only distribution outlet is in the United States, where it was founded several years ago in 2012.