Rainbow 6 Siege Update

Next Rainbow Six Siege Update Will Address Matchmaking Exploits and Cheating

Rainbow Six Siege is a multiplayer game solely dependent on its community to thrive, and Ubisoft is addressing the many instances of exploitation and cheating with its latest update. The Y4S3.3 update is now live on PS4.

Rainbow Six Siege features an MMR (matchmaking rating) system that allows users to be paired with those at their skill level, based on stats. However, many users have been exploiting the system, causing an artificial imbalance. Ubisoft will be resetting the stats of those who are caught exploiting the system and revoking the ability to gain the seasonal ranked charm as punishment. Along with that, Ubisoft has fixed the ability to use a third-party hack to change the operators of other players.

Here’s the schedule for Rainbow Six Siege’s maintenance.

The full list of Rainbow Six Siege’s Y4S3.3 patch notes can be found below:



Stay focused on the details, but detail a bit faster now.

  • Increased Glaz’s rate of fire to 380 (up from 285)


Less fragging, more tactical dabbing.

  • Reduced Twitch’s F2 Magazine to 25 (down from 30)


Warden’s Glo Up.

  • Warden changed to 2 speed – 2 armor type instead of 1 speed – 3 armor


  • FIXED – Players can use a 3rd party hack to change other players’ operators.
  • FIXED – After switching from advanced to standard deployment, Attacker’s first breach charge deployment attempt gets canceled.


  • FIXED – Blackbeard’s shield clips through his body when equipping while leaning.
  • FIXED – Hibana’s XKairos pellets can destroy other pellets deployed on the same wall even if they are out of the blast radius.
  • FIXED –Defenders can place a barricade or Castle’s Armor Panel over Goyo’s Volcan Shield.


  • FIXED – Radio music doesn’t stop playing even when the radio is destroyed.
  • FIXED – Right clicking when in the scoreboard will cause player to enter ADS and the selected tab simultaneously.
  • FIXED – Mute text chat option does not work on LAN.
  • FIXED – When going into observation mode, SFX plays twice.
  • FIXED – My Rank UI tab now shows your current rank in the season instead of the highest rank achieved.
  • FIXED – Minor visual texture issues for Uniforms.
  • FIXED – Visual glitch if players switch weapons after rappelling.
  • FIXED – Menu UI visual fixes.

Recently, Rainbow Six Siege reached 50 million players. Although this console generation is coming to a close within the next year, we’ll likely be seeing some version of Siege on the PS5, since Ubisoft wants to see players continue their journey across the generational gap.

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[Source: Ubisoft]