The Surge 2 Gets Free Weapon Pack, Season Pass Reveal Next Week

A free “Future Shock Weapon Pack” has been revealed for The Surge 2 by publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Deck 13. It’s available to download right now worldwide and features four death-dealing implements for your created character to wield. Additionally, this post-launch support is “only the beginning” of what’s to come; a full season pass unveiling is scheduled to take place at an unspecified point next week.

We noted that this sequel is one of the better Souls-like games out there in our review, and now it’s got even more to offer with the addition of four extra weapons. The Future Shock Weapons Pack includes the “deadly” Golden Twin Blades, the “devastating” EFH Heavy Duty Weapon, the “brutal” Mangled Articulators Punching Gloves, and the “versatile” Golden Harvest Double Duty Weapon.

If that array of weapons and associated adjectives has you wanting to head in-game and start swinging, bear in mind that you’ll first need to find enemies that are wielding them, then chop off their arms in order to forcefully claim them as your own. There’s likely to be some trial and error in figuring out what’s new and which enemies have them, but you can at least get a glimpse of two out of four new weapons via the images featured at the top of this article and just below.

The Surge 2 season pass

Specific details on what will feature in The Surge 2 season pass are currently quite thin on the ground, but we are promised additional weapons, implants, armor, and a story DLC boasting “hours of content in a new environment.” That environment could be almost anywhere, what with the original game’s well-received DLC taking players to Creo World—a fictional theme park complete with fun attractions to explore—and also the Wild West, courtesy of The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented.