The Surge 2 season pass

The Surge 2 Season Pass Set to Release The Kraken

The post-launch content roadmap for science fiction Souls-like game The Surge 2 includes 13 new weapons, three complete new gear sets, and a story expansion titled “The Kraken.” Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive recently promised additional season pass details after first teasing them alongside last week’s announcement of a free Future Shock Weapon Pack, which is available now.

The Surge 2 season pass

As you can see above, things kick off shortly in November 2019 with the addition of a significant 13 new melee weapons to the game. No specific details have been confirmed, though judging by the image there’ll be a range of different weapon types available to appeal to those with different preferences. Following in December are three new gear sets, each comprised of interchangeable Exo-Rig parts that allow for the mixing and matching of components. Again, judging by the image, these sets will provide different levels of protection and appear to be rather more outlandish than much of the armor available in the base game.

The main event is due to emerge in January 2020, however, when “big extension” The Kraken hits digital shelves. It’s set in a brand-new location, which takes the form of a “mysterious” aircraft-carrier said to be filled with hours of new content and a (presumably eponymous) new threat. No exact release dates have been given regarding any of the season pass content, but fans at least know for sure that there’s plenty to come in the next three months.

Presumably, all of the DLC will be available to purchase separately, though players that opt to go for the season pass bundle will immediately be granted access to the exclusive BORAX-I Quantum weapon. The dual-wielded sword and mace (pictured in this article’s featured image) must first be acquired by severing the arm of an enemy that’s utilizing it, however. This method of acquisition will also apply to the 13 weapons and four gear sets that feature in The Surge 2 season pass.