AI: The Somnium Files Demo Live in North America, Allowing Players to Dive Into the First Investigation

Spike Chunsoft’s AI: The Somnium Files launched last month, and for folks who are curious about the experience, the publisher has launched a free demo in North America. This demo is available on both the PlayStation 4 (2.22GB) and the Nintendo Switch, allowing players to dig into the title’s first investigation.

At present, AI: The Somnium Files‘ demo is not accessible in European territories. However, according to Gematsu, Spike Chunsoft made it clear this will “soon” change. When such a day will come currently remains under wraps.

AI: The Somnium Files is a product of Kotaro Uchikoshi, the creative force behind Zero Escape. Uchikoshi’s latest is a detective adventure that follows Special Agent Kaname Date, an officer of the law tasked who’s investigating a series of strange murders in Tokyo. Interestingly, the basic tenets of a criminal investigation are subverted in AI: The Somnium Files. Yes, crime scenes and interrogations are still the norm. However, Special Agent Date must also evaluate dreams while conducting the investigation.

The game’s mystery first unfolds once a woman is found slain in an amusement park. Special Agents Date’s initial examination of the crime scene and clues lead to one key suspect–a young girl. Thus begins the peculiar narrative of AI: The Somnium Files. Our review of the game, which awarded it a 7.5 out of 10, named the story among its strengths. A colorful cast of characters also helps elevate the experience, apparently. At least now consumers have access to a demo that can better assist in determining whether AI: The Somnium Files is worth a purchase.

[Source: Spike Chunsoft via Gematsu]