Code Veronica remake

RE2’s Claire Redfield Wants to Return for Resident Evil: Code Veronica Remake

Following the success of January 2019’s Resident Evil 2 remake, Japanese franchise developer and publisher Capcom recently confirmed that they’re looking to revisit more of their beloved back catalog. This set fans’ minds racing over what titles might be set to make a comeback, and one such fan recently asked Claire Redfield actress Stephanie Panisello if she’d have any interest in returning for a potential Code: Veronica remake. “I’d love to do it,” she replied.

The Claire Redfield actress has a Twitch channel named BecauseIClaire, where she’s been hosting a very meta stream that sees her playing as Claire Redfield in the game while also cosplaying the character in real life. Presumably, it’s in celebration of Halloween, but regardless, this presented the opportunity for a member of the chat to ask the question.

“That’d be awesome,” opined Panisello. “I hope [Capcom] do the remake of Code: Veronica. That’d be legit.” Obviously this isn’t confirmation of anything being in the works⁠—as the actress acknowledges, saying “we shall see” in closing—but it’s nonetheless encouraging to see fan interest reciprocated by a potentially involved party.

Many people believe that a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake is currently taking priority, but with Resident Evil being Capcom’s most lucrative property by far, there’s definitely the potential for Code: Veronica to make a return further down the road. Before we get to any of that, however, first survival horror fans will be served up an asymmetric multiplayer spin-off titled Project Resistance

In the upcoming game, one player will serve the role of a villainous “Mastermind” and attempt to orchestrate the demise of four opposing players whose goal it is to survive. Being quite a departure for the series, the initial reaction has been somewhat mixed. Project Resistance doesn’t yet have a concrete release date.

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