Resident Evil Remains Capcom’s Most Popular Franchise

Capcom shared its Annual Report for the 2018 fiscal year, revealing numerous facts and figures. Perhaps the main takeaway is that Resident Evil sales remain well ahead of those for any other Capcom franchise.

When you consider the incredible 128 games (including re-releases) in the series, however, its overwhelming market presence perhaps makes its respectable lead a little less surprising. By the same token, there’s also the immensely popular Hollywood movie franchise to consider, which certainly will have helped with brand recognition and subsequent game sales.

The Monster Hunter franchise ranks second, with 54 million units sold across just 43 titles. If analyzed proportionally, those numbers are impressive. With a Monster Hunter movie in the works—directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and starring Milla Jovovich, just like Resident Evil—it’s possible that the top two positions could switch in the not too distant future.

Taking bronze and snapping right at the heels of Monster Hunter, Street Fighter has sold 42 million units across a larger pool of 91 overall titles. Funnily enough, Capcom’s beloved fighting franchise has also adorned the big screen, but the less said about those efforts the better.

With the diverse Resident Evil brand still proving highly popular, likely aided by the release of the excellent Resident Evil 2 (2019), Capcom is afforded the opportunity to take risks like Project Resistance. This multiplayer-focused take on the series has largely split public opinion, with some fans feeling enticed by a new spin on the survival horror franchise, while others cite the series’ single-player roots and a spotty history surrounding asymmetrical multiplayer games in general as reasons to be concerned.

Regardless of how that game turns out, it’s clear that the gaming audience has a ravenous appetite for Resident Evil that should help it to secure some degree of success. The release date for Project Resistance is currently unknown.

[Source: Capcom]