‘Okami Is Going to Be Back,’ Says Director Hideki Kamiya

In a video tweeted by former Grasshopper Manufacture staff member Ikumi Nakamura‏, Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya teased a potential Okami sequel. “Okami is going to be back,” said the renowned video game designer and director, potentially giving fans of the cult classic original the very information they’ve been waiting years for.

When Nakamura asked if he really means it, Kamiya simply replied, “Really.” Although it seems that the video is a genuine indication of his intent, especially with the official Capcom and Okami social media accounts tagged, Kamiya has been known to have fun with his audience in the past. As such, this shouldn’t necessarily be taken as a concrete confirmation that Okami 2 is in development or even pre-production at this stage.

The timing is certainly noteworthy, however. Nakamura‏ shot to internet fame when she appeared on the Bethesda stage at E3 2019 to unveil GhostWire: Tokyo, with the crowd in attendance and watching at home immediately warming to her clear enthusiasm. In 2019, she left Tango Gameworks to pursue a different role. Now, here she is in a video at PlatinumGames again.

Additionally, Capcom recently stated that the company is to bring back dormant franchises moving forward. This has led people to speculate on a potential revival of properties like Dino Crisis and Darkstalkers, but Okami has also been a big part of that conversation. With multiple pieces of evidence to back Kamiya’s claim up, things are looking hopeful with regards to an Okami sequel, though do try not to get too excited before an official announcement is made.

Still, prospects for Okami 2 are looking better than ever. 13 long years have passed since the original game’s launch, but it seems there may yet be a cautious light at the end of the tunnel for expectant fans.