Report: Okami 2 Was in Development a Few Years Ago but Was Cancelled, and It’s Unlikely to Happen

Every now and then, PlatinumGames manages to get its fans hopes up by expressing its desire to work on beloved IPs. Hideki Kamiya, in particular, is known to release statements that come across as confirmations but the’re hardly that. One such game that the studio has talked about several times is a sequel to Okami.

Back in 2018, video game historian and insider Liam Robertson published a video that detailed the fallout within PlatinumGames that saw its founder and president Tatsuya Minami forced to step down. According to Robertson, Capcom was in the process of mending its relationship with PlatinumGames (resulting from a separate fallout with Atsushi Inaba) and was considering working on Okami 2 but when Minami – Capcom’s main contact – was forced to leave, the project was scrapped before it even began.

However, according to known insider AestheticGamer a.k.a. Dusk Golem, Okami 2 was actually in development a few years ago but it was scrapped due to “a soured relationship between certain parties.” “There was some drama and burned bridges, so it’s probably buried and dead unless something changes there,” he added.

AestheticGamer didn’t go into any further details but it’s worth noting that PlatinumGames’ ousted CEO Minami is now rumored to be working with Capcom again, which may have complicated matters.

“This was a few years ago, but let’s just say Platinum probably never want to work on it again after what went down,” AestheticGamer continued. “I’m sorry to beat around the bush about it, but after some things that happened they probably never want to touch it again.”

Whether PlatinumGames can take Capcom on board again following its recent change in direction or not remains to be seen. Until then, Okami 2 seems to be merely a wish.

[Source: ResetEra]