Non-Subscribers in the UK and Germany Can Get 50% Off a PS Plus Subscription

PlayStation players residing in the UK and Germany have the option of purchasing a 12-month PS Plus subscription at half price. However, there’s a bit of a catch. Only players who don’t already have an active PS Plus membership can take advantage of the offer. This steep discount brings the yearly membership’s price down to £24.99 in the UK and €29.99 in Germany.

In a ResetEra thread, one user noted that this particular deal will supposedly end on November 9th. Other users chimed in, as well. Several reported being unable to find the deal in their respective territories, such as Sweden and Turkey. For now at least, this suggests the 12-month subscription discount may be limited to the UK and Germany. This thread is additionally where some fans explained that purchasing a membership with the 50 percent off discount doesn’t work for active PS Plus users.

Whether the discount will expand to more territories presently remains unknown. In fact, it does not even seem as though Sony has formally announced the deal.

PlayStation 4 players toying with the idea of subscribing may want to act fast, if they want to get on this month’s freebies. The free titles for PS Plus members in October consist of two pretty big PS4 experiences–The Last of Us and MLB The Show 19. Interestingly, both franchises have hit the airwaves with big news of late. The Last of Us Part II, for instance, was recently delayed to May 2020. Meanwhile, San Diego Studio unveiled MLB The Show 20 and its cover star last week.

[Source: PlayStation Store via ResetEraVG247]