Battlefield V Gets a Free Trial This Weekend to Celebrate Release of Chapter 5: War in the Pacific

Today, October 31, 2019, Battlefield V received its Chapter 5 update, sending players to the Pacific to battle it out as Americans or the Japanese. To celebrate the DLC’s release, publisher EA is letting players download Battlefield V for free this weekend, starting on November 1st. It’ll feature all the game’s content, including its single-player mode, War Stories; the full multiplayer mode; and the new content added with Chapter 5. And your progress will carry over, should you decide to buy the game.

You can check out a trailer for the free trial below:

The Chapter 5: War in the Pacific add-on features two new maps: Iwo Jima and Pacific Storm, a remake of Battlefield 4’s Paracel Storm map. And sometime in December, Battlefield V will be getting a remake of Wake Island, the famous map from Battlefield 1942. The DLC will also see the addition of new weapons and new vehicles, like the M4 Sherman Tank and the Vought F4U Corsair airplane.

Plus, you’ll be able to use classic WW2 firearms like the M1 Grand, Type 99 Arisaka, Type 100 Japanese SMG, and M1919A6. And other pickups like katanas, M2 Flamethrowers, and other items will be making their debut in this DLC, as well.

This week we also heard word that the next game in the Battlefield series will release by 2022, with EA focusing on having a larger install base for the next generation consoles before launching the game. It’s unclear if it will be a cross-generational game that will launch for both PS4 and PS5, but release nearly two years after next-gen consoles launch makes a current-gen release unlikely.

In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy Battlefield V and all its expansions. Will you be jumping into Battlefield V with its free weekend and new update?

[Source: Push Square]